What’s on the Digital Insurance Agenda?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, connected devices, chatbots, robo-advice: there is so much going on in digital technologies that may impact insurance as we know today. But what is here to stay, and what is just the flavour of the month? DIA Munich, which takes place at 15 and 16 November, offers the rare opportunity to get up to speed in just two days and review and accelerate your Digital Insurance Agenda.

The InsurTech Hub Munich is happy to be a main partner of DIA at this year’s event. We asked founders Reggy de Feniks and Roger Peverelli to explain what DIA Munich is all about and Tom Van den Brulle, board member of the InsurTech Hub Munich, about the ITHM partnership and his expectations of the two days.

Roger, Reggy, how did you come up with the idea of organizing Digital Insurance Agenda?

Roger Peverelli: “We’ve written two books about ‘Reinventing Financial Services’ that have been published worldwide and because of that we are invited in many boardrooms of insurers. And also in our work as strategy consultants for various large and smaller insurers we experienced that everyone agrees that innovation is necessary and that the latest technology is important to simultaneously cut costs and get closer to customers.”
De Feniks: “But as an individual insurer it is almost impossible to keep a close watch on what is going on around the world in the insurtech scene. And vice versa, insurtechs find it very hard to connect to insurers since this so much a fragmented market with many different often local players.

Tom, why did the InsurTech Hub Munich decide to partner with DIA?

Tom Van den Brulle: “There is a long list of events and conferences discussing innovative trends, latest digital technologies and their impact on the insurance industry. With their first two editions in Barcelona and Amsterdam, DIA definitely proved to be one of the go-to events. The exceptional setting as well as relevance and quality of startups on stage make it a highlight in the insurtech event calendar. Therefore, InsurTech Hub Munich chose to partner with DIA. Following our successful launch event in July, DIA offers us the perfect platform to present our work of the last months, to talk about how we envision the hub, explain what will be in it for all participants of the ecosystem and to give an outlook on what to expect within the next months. Moreover, we are looking forward to meeting the international insurtech community, connect with innovative startups and network with potential hub partners in our InsurTech Hub Munich lounge in the networking area. “

Roger, what does the DIA’s program look like?

Roger Peverelli: “DIA is a two day program. No less than 50 of those handpicked insurtechs will ‘show&tell’ their solutions on stage in fast 10 minute presentations. Powerpoint is strictly forbidden. We only allow real demo’s, so that everyone in the room can see how things really work, and how it would contribute to their business challenges. Expect a perfect blend of startups and scale-ups, mature solutions from innovative players and the latest from well-known tech providers. Furthermore, five keynotes and panel discussions by industry executives provide guidance and share learnings on how to make cooperation with insurtechs successful.”

Tom: “One of the highlights from an InsurTech Hub perspective is definitely the Demo Day of our current startup batch at Werk1, which will take place on the second DIA day in the afternoon. Having these 5 startups live on stage amongst the top-notch international insurtechs is a great success for our founders, for Werk1 and the InsurTech Hub Munich!”

Roger, why did you decide to come to Munich?

Roger Peverelli: “We have selected Munich for the next DIA edition not only because it is a beautiful city with a laid back atmosphere but also because, looking at the number of insurtech deals, Germany is the number 2 country and Munich holds a pivotal position in the insurtech space. Analysis of the DIA database revealed that no less than 180 insurtechs are related to Munich. To put this number in perspective: California counts 165 insurtech firms. In our view this makes Munich the de facto insurtech capital of the world. Apparently, Germany and Munich offer fertile grounds for insurtechs. That is why we decided to bring 50 insurtechs from all over the world to the awesome Eisbach Movie Studios mid-November.”

Tom: “DIA coming to Munich affirms us in our belief that Munich is playing a key role in the insurtech world and InsurTech Hub Munich setting the stage to take it to a next level. We are very happy to welcome DIA in Munich and we are looking forward to two exciting days, meeting interesting people and having exciting discussion in our lounge.”

Check http://www.digitalinsuranceagenda.com/dia-munich/ for more information about DIA Munich and to get a good impression of what to expect.