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Our platform connects multiple players across industries and facilitates their day to day exchange, both virtually and on-site.


We provide innovative ventures with the resources necessary to transform their vision into a commercially viable business.


We build meaningful partnerships across industries to scale relevant business opportunities to their full potential.

Our Vision

We are a world-class platform that fosters the development of innovative technological solutions in the insurance sector. Unafraid to break with old paradigms, we operate across industries to create shared value for our partners and shape the future of insurance.

Our ecosystem

We are a vibrant ecosystem of startups, corporate partners, investors & research institutions. Based in Munich, the heart of Germany’s insurance sector, we combine experience with entrepreneurial spirit, building on our regional strengths while maintaining a global outlook and international reach.

Our focus

The insurance industry is a cross-sectional industry with traditionally many touch points to other industries. Munich and its metropolitan area are special, as they accommodate some world leading corporations. The focus of the InsurTech Hub Munich lies on areas with superior growth opportunities that can help us and our children to live a cleaner, safer and healthier life in the future.

InsurTech Hub Munich Board

InsurTech Hub Munich is steered by a board consisting of five insurance members, rotating every two years.
Meet our current board members:

V.l.n.r.: Johannes Wagner, Jörg Richtsfeld, Tom Van den Brulle, Falk Löffler, Vincenzo Reina

Johannes Wagner
Versicherungskammer Bayern

Jörg Richtsfeld

Tom Van den Brulle
Munich Re

Falk Löffler
NÜRNBERGER Versicherungsgruppe

Vincenzo Reina

Our Partners

InsurTech Hub Munich is driven by the combined effort of a strong partner network from the greater Munich area and beyond.

Supporters of the DE:Hub initiative

The Federal Government’s initiative «Digital Hub Initiative Germany – DE:Hub» facilitates the formation and growth of specialized high-tech clusters across Germany.

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