Driving innovation together: Microsoft joins the InsurTech Hub Munich network

Collaboration is a disruptive force for ITHM’s new partner Microsoft: Given the challenges that insurance companies are currently facing, the industry must join forces to shape the future, says Christian Eggers, Sector Director Financial Services.

As a new partner of InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM), Microsoft underlines the ‘glocal’ approach of the network: For the internationally most well-known software provider, the focus is on “enabling our customers to achieve more” and initiating cultural change, explains Christian Eggers, Sector Director of Financial Services at Microsoft Germany.

He is convinced that the insurance industry should face the challenges of digitization with bundled forces: “Insurance, but also tech companies with their virtual goods are confronted with a very real threat from new players from outside their own ranks”, states Eggers.

“As a global and cross-industry brand, Microsoft brings valuable knowledge of change processes to our network,” says ITHM CEO and Munich Re Global Head of Innovation, Tom Van den Brulle, welcoming the new partner. “Microsoft’s technology expertise will be of great help to our startups when it comes to putting business models to the test or exploring the power and limitations of cloud solutions.”

Press release in German: click here.

Text: Markus Walter