“Collaboration is the new secret sauce”

InsurTech Hub Munich launches novel initiative: “Collab” connects the network’s members with tech scaleups, boosting access and collaboration.

ITHM Head of Global Innovation Marco Affonseca at the “Collab Initiative” kick-off.

The year 2020 will bring many new offerings to the ever-growing InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) network, the “Collab Innovation Initiative” being the first to be rolled out. The idea of the novel offering is to connect ITHM’s members with tech scaleups that already have a successful product in the market and a proven track-record with leading corporate customers. “Large organizations possess resources and the legitimacy that high growth startups aspire for”, explains ITHM’s Head of Global Innovation, Marco Affonseca, “whilst entrepreneurs have the agility and novel ideas that might add massive value to the corporate side. So partnering is beneficial to both, creating win-win situations that can’t be overestimated”.

During the Collab Expedition, which kicked off February 4, 2020, at Munich’s WERK1, the InsurTech Hub Munich member corporations meet 20 high growth tech companies, carefully selected by the ITHM team. Thus they will have exclusive access to new business models and cutting edge technologies that can be implemented and deployed right away. “Fact is, going alone is too arduous and simply not the way innovation happens”, says Affonseca. “Collaboration is the essential new secret sauce for large organizations and fast-growing companies alike”. ITHM will act as a facilitator for both sides, providing concierge services during screening sessions and business development as well as post programme. 

“For true disruption to take hold, old and new must work together, playing to each other’s strengths”, Affonseca interprets the expectations of Collab. “Let’s build the future together!”

Press release in German: click here.

Text: Markus Walter