The 1st InsurTech CASHWALK: top-notch start-ups put to the test by international investors

50+ investors, 26 start-ups and a fiery jury: at our 1st edition of the InsurTech Cashwalk promising start-ups had 3 minutes to pitch their idea, strategy and implementation of their business model and then face our expert jury to convince them of their potential. The chosen start-ups came from the fields of mobility, smart home, digital health, big data, IoT, cyber security and artificial intelligence.

It was a very tight race, but in the end the jury selected three most promising start-ups of the day. Winner of the night was the Estonian blockchain based B2B platform Black Insurance. They provide capital to agents, brokers and MGAs to launch their own insurance products in a fast and efficient way. They claim to be the first company to bring the entire insurance value chain to the blockchain, where insurance entrepreneurs are able to innovate with product offerings and investors can take part in that. Runner up was the Munich based start-up Dynamic Components, which offer predictive maintenance for elevators and escalators. Their cutting-edge sensors enable deep insights into utilization and condition of the asset. In third place came FairFleet, a full-service partner for professional drone services. Fair Fleet also participated in our joint accelerator InsurTech Europe with Plug and Play this spring. Out of this they have gained noticeable traction with insurers in Europe. The whole event had a strong appeal to both start-ups as well as investors. They enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere between pitching and the many opportunities for focused conversations as well as to catch up on developing future plans over food and drinks.

Meet our jury:
Roman Bügler (Munich Re), Dr. Volker Büttner (Generali), Carsten Eckert (insticube), Clemens Hofmann (Deutsche Bank), Roman Huber (Bayern Kapital),  Christoph Jung (Holtzbrinck Ventures), Achim Lederle (Quantum Partners), Dr. Florian Mann (ITHM/Werk 1), Nicolas Pöltl (ARAG) and Dr. Jörg Richtsfeld (Allianz X).

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