Minister of Health Jens Spahn: “We are entering a digital future”

Over the past three months the H+ Innovation Programme connected startups from the health sector with insurance and healthcare innovators and investors. At the grand finale Health X Insurance Showcase keynote speaker Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn invited the audience of more than 1000 to “embrace change and shape the future together”.

Health X Insurance Showcase Jens Spahn

It is the sixth startup programme in InsurTech Hub Munich’s (ITHM) history, yet still a first in many regards: H+ Digital When InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) and Digital Health Hub Nürnberg/Erlangen called for the Health X Insurance Showcase, more than 1,000 people followed around the globe. The huge virtual event marked the end of H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme, a three months long journey the two innovation hubs went on together with 40 international startups, cross-industry corporate partners, investors and field experts. 

Moderated by H+ Programme Director Esther Prax and ITHM’s Startup Relations Lead Corine Ackermann, the attendees entered, as expressed prominent keynote speaker Jens Spahn, Germany’s Federal Minister of Health, “an interdisciplinary conversation on the importance of health technology adaption”. He stated that “the demand for telemedicine and digital health solutions has significantly increased throughout the last months” and that “the startup community has risen to the occasion by offering a multitude of creative and visionary concepts.“ Spahn sees mastering the challenges that lie ahead as a “common endeavor”, with the hub community providing “unique interactions between the know-how of established companies, innovative startup ideas and scientific excellence.”  

Health X Insurance Showcase

From “sick care” to (digital) healthcare

Diving deeper into the importance of big data in the medicine in the future, Dr. Daniel Kraft, Faculty Chair of Medicine of the Singularity University in Santa Clara/California, argued at the Health X Insurance Showcase: “We need to rethink the way we deliver care, to move from ‘sick care’ to healthcare.” 

Panelists Daniel Bahr, Board Member of Allianz Private Krankenversicherungs-AG and former Federal Minister of Health, Anett Numa, Digital Transformation Adviser of the E-Estonia Briefing Center, Dr. Regina Vetters, Head of Digital and Innovation at BARMER or Dr. Dominik Pförringer, Medical Director at Klinikum Rechts der Isar and Digital Health Evangelist, delivered unique insights into the progress made and the challenges lying ahead in digital healthcare. Regulatory or data security issues, the adoption of new technologies and the overall speed at which innovation is pursued were discussed animatedly. 

Health X Insurance Showcase

A forum for health tech players

15 out of the 40 startups that participated in the H+ Digital Health Programme during the past three months had the opportunity to hit the big stage at the Showcase and pitch to an audience larger than at any of InsurTech Hub Munich’s events before. “It was our mission to show the founders how to navigate through the complex German healthcare system, how to build and pivot their business models as well as how to address the relevant stakeholders, get funding and pitch to a large audience”, Christian Gnam, the hub’s Managing Director introduced the entrepreneurs, many of which are already in serious talks with ITHM’s or Digital Health Hub’s ecosystem partners. H+ participant Aidhere’s app “Zanadio” even was one of the first to make it onto the official German digital health applications (DiGA) directory which is a prerequisite for reimbursement by statutory health insurance carriers. 

Tom Van den Brulle, Chairman of the ITHM Board and Global Head of Innovation at Munich Re, explains: “In COVID-19 times we realize very clearly what we have anticipated one and a half years ago, when we started to discuss kicking off a forum for health tech players”, which found its culmination in the H+ Programme and the Health X Insurance Showcase and will live on in ITHM’s alumni community and formats such as the Expert Panel. As Minister of Health Spahn mentioned in his address, now all the players in the field are called upon to to perpetuate progress: “Digital Health can only make a difference if patients and providers alike can feel the positive impacts”.

Text: Markus Walter / Daniel Lange

Health X Insurance Showcase

These are the 15 startups that pitched at Health X Insurance Showcase:

Abi Global Health
Micro-consultations with trusted doctors via your favourite chat app.
Dublin, Ireland

Building a digital health-behavior change coach, starting with obesity.
Hamburg, Germany

We revolutionize and disrupt rehabilitation through a combination of hardware and software.
Aachen, Germany

Prevent 90% of dental diseases by patient-empowerment & tele-monitoring.
Munich, Germany

Improving the day-to-day quality of life for Hashimoto patients.
London, UK

Allowing healthcare providers to utilize the
full power of smart health trackers in patient care.
Munich, Germany

Online psychological counseling platform, delivering services to clients by quali- fied psychologists.
Graz, Austria

Giving peace of mind to caregivers and at the same time keeping the independence of the alone living senior.
Stuttgart, Germany

Kamu Health Ltd
Predictive respiratory self-management solution to help patients lead a predictable and secure life.
Helsinki, Finland

Innovative application platform intended to be used for stress monitoring.
Berlin, Germany

Intelligent and innovative preventative stress coaching system targeting mental health challenges.
Bad Blankenburg, Germany

A user-centric, state of the art know-how wearable solution to tackle problems in elderly care.
Bad Blankenburg, Germany

Healthcare operating system for insurance to deliver more efficient and personalized health plans.
Hong Kong, SAR China

Generating personalized, digital prevention programs using the most relevant human biomarkers.
Munich, Germany

XUND Solutions GmbH
AI-powered health assistant designed to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare.
Vienna, Austria