Breakdowns becoming breakthroughs

Entrepreneurs shared their big moments of failure (and, of course, their learnings) at the “F**kUp Evening”, hosted by Insurtech Hub Munich and LV 1871.

The startup scene has its own lingo. There’s “decks” and “seed money” and “unicorns”. And there are “f**kups” – meaning failures. Still, what distinguishes founders from traditional business-people is not only their use of jargon, but also their openness to admit to moments in their careers where dreams went bust. Mid-February entrepreneurs and insurance industry professionals had the opportunity to listen to some of these stories (and, of course, the learnings involved) at the “F**kUp Evening”, hosted by InsurTech Hub Munich and insurance company LV 1871.

“It’s all about trust” was the subtitle of the event – trust both as a prerequisite in the insurance business and as self-confidence.  Management trainer and founder Chris Surel perfectly set the tone in his keynote. “My first f**kup gave me the confidence and  strength that no success ever did before“, he said and addressed the audience: “What first looks like a breakdown might become your breakthrough in the end”. Professor Johannes Bruhn (Hochschule) gave an outline of recent AI failures and entrepreneurs Alexander Martin-Boes, Holger Emmert and Simon Dufour shared their experiences with business ideas that didn’t perform exactly as expected – and further discussed these with participants of the meetup over pizza and drinks.