Join us at the intersection of finance and insurance

InsurTech Hub Munich introduces a new format: the Innovation Sprint. FIN:SURE is the first one-month programme to kick off mid-September 2021.

Due to the recent volatility of global markets, there is an ever-increasing need for longterm financial stability. The elevated level of consumer awareness has been driving demands for products and services offering safe and transparent solutions. This growing trend has sparked new momentum for products like life insurance, and has driven new entrants to provide simple and convenient personal finance solutions.

Insurers, traditionally trusted providers of security, are now increasingly asking themselves: “What role can we play in providing solutions for consumers looking to secure their financial future?” – be it traditional insurance products like life insurance or venturing out to new fields like building own financial home solutions.

FIN:SURE, a 1-month innovation sprint, is set up to explore the answer to this question together with our ecosystem of insurances, tech leaders, financial players and innovative startups. Participants will work closely with global insurance
leaders, tech giants and financial players to find answers and solutions for the following questions:

  • What will the financial home of the future look like for customers?
  • How can startups, insurances and tech companies work together to define the
  • financial platforms customers demand?
  • What concrete projects to start with to fulfil the vision of a financial home?

Learn more about FIN:SURE in our flyer.

Apply as a startup via f6s (deadline: August 5, 2021).

Text: ITHM