Google Cloud Germany joins InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) 

Google Cloud in Germany is joining the InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) community of more than 30 national and international insurers, tech-companies, consulting firms and investors. With this new partnership, ITHM has achieved another important milestone in becoming a leading network with a strong German footprint for the insurance industry in Europe and beyond. 

Google Cloud is a strong partner to the financial services and insurance industry as it looks to accelerate every organization’s ability to digitally transform its business. Cloud-based platforms can help insurance companies more effectively analyze large data sets in order to provide products and services that meet changing customer demands. For the insurance industry, data is the most important resource. Through digitization, new data sources are constantly created and, thus, there is still an enormous, untapped treasure trove of customer data.

“Google Cloud’s collaboration with ITHM is further proof of our long-term commitment to the German insurance market and we are dedicated to play an active role in ITHM,” said Joachim Wuest, Director, Financial Services Industry of Google Cloud Germany. “It is a step fully in line with our mission: to accelerate every insurers’ ability to digitally transform and reimagine their business through data-powered innovation. Being part of the ITHM ecosystem will allow us to drive innovation jointly with the various players of the industry, bringing in the best of Google.”

Christian Gnam, Managing Director of ITHM, adds: “Data is part of Google´s DNA. We want to elaborate on this and build an even better understanding of how our community can leverage their own data sets, access new data sources, and transfer them into business cases. Google is the perfect partner to share their experiences on this issue with us. We´re very much looking forward to this collaboration. Google, welcome on board.”

Download the Press Release here.

Text: Margret Riedlsperger