Beyond a simple symptom checker

Generali Health Solutions and the Austrian startup XUND are cooperating to create a patient journey that goes beyond a simple symptom checker and positions the insurer Generali as a Lifetime Partner.

Insurance & Elderly Care: The challenges of caregivers

We have asked Johannes Wagner, ITHM Board Member, Head of Startup Cooperation at Versicherungskammer and Managing Director Bavaria Versicherungsvermittlungs-Gmbh and Kazuya Komemoto, Innovation Manager at Dai-chi Life to share their point of view on elderly care management and how insurers can become real partners to patients and caregivers.

Fitness & Workplace Health: a perfect access point for a better healthcare journey

The H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme lays special emphasis on 5 health verticals along the patient journey embracing the strategic priorities of the ITHM community. Rodrigo Perez, Head of Claims Health Insurance at Münchener Verein, takes us through the role of insurers in their employees’ and customers’ fitness journey, giving us his insights on fitness and workplace health.