Beyond a simple symptom checker

Generali Health Solutions and the Austrian startup XUND are cooperating to create a patient journey that goes beyond a simple symptom checker and positions the insurer Generali as a Lifetime Partner.

Symptom checkers have the potential to reduce the burden on the healthcare system. Especially following the COVID-19 pandemic and the higher perceived risk of infection at healthcare facilities, the acceptance of digital tools and their adoption have increased. Within this framework, Generali Health Solutions decided to include in its offering the Generali Mobile Health App, a free tool designed to seamlessly guide patients throughout their journey by providing reliable information and effective solutions. Better patient orientation meant filling the demand gap left by “Dr. Google”, improving the quality of care for app users, but also reducing medical costs. 

 Generali Mobile Health App allows patients to assess their health status and book appointments

Behind the scenes of the Generali Mobile Health App is InsurTech Hub Munich’s H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme alumnus XUND. The Austrian startup, founded in 2018, uses API enabled technologies to digitize and integrate new digital solutions. It provides a reliable symptom checker, technical flexibility, a compelling user experience and qualitative medical information, all features which made XUND a great match for Generali Health Solutions’s vision.

“I am convinced that this partnership is the right step into a future in which digitization will contribute more and more to increasing health in society”, explains Dr. Markus Homann, Managing Director at Generali Health Solutions. “With XUND, we have found a way not to leave our customers alone with Dr. Google. Through the integration of XUND’s technology, we can offer our customers a solution that accompanies and advises them digitally from first symptoms to recovery. This will not only give users appropriate access to healthcare, but also to important information and medical knowledge. In the future, non-specialists will also be able to communicate with their practitioners in a more informed way and at eye level. For us at Generali, the cooperation with XUND is an important milestone in our journey to become a real Lifetime Partner for our customers.”

Tamás Petrovics, Co-Founder and CEO at XUND pitching during ITHM’s Health X Insurance showcase in 2020

XUND joined InsurTech Hub Munich in 2020 during the first edition of the H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme to further develop its use cases and enter the German insurance market. Tamás Petrovics, Co-Founder and CEO at XUND comments: “Our vision at XUND is to improve healthcare by digitizing the patient journey. Thanks to ITHM’s mentorship and their Innovation Programme, we were able to interact with corporates like Generali, who eventually became our very first client in Germany and one of our most impactful partners ever since. Our collaboration with Generali enables us to create better medical outcomes for patients through navigating them to the right point of care at a scale that would be difficult to reach for a start-up on its own.”

Text: Gaia Ravazzi