8 questions to… Kathrin Schwidder

Kathrin Schwidder, our recently appointed ITHM board member and Generali Deutschland AG’s Head of Strategy and Lifetime Partner Transformation, shares with us her view on digitalization, the ITHM hub and much more.

1. What is the biggest digitalization myth?

In my opinion, the biggest digitalization myth is that the use of new technologies is all you need for success. Certainly, new technologies are a very important part, but customer-centricity and simplicity, for example, are what make digitization successful in the first place.

2. Which digital development has impressed you the most in the past five years?

Obviously, the Corona pandemic has turned our entire working life upside down in the last two years and has been a catalyst for digitization. Not only in the working world but also in our private lives, video chat tools and cloud services, for example, were suddenly more in demand than ever. These were implemented and deployed at unprecedented speed. I think that impressed us all and was unthinkable five years ago.

3. Which digital development will change our working world the most in the next two years?

We have already entered a new hybrid working world. Now it’s a matter of retaining the flexibility we’ve gained, but also bringing social aspects back into the working world. This is a major cultural change that is coming and will certainly shape the next few years. In addition, of course, data-driven technologies, artificial intelligence and data analytics, which hold enormous potential for the insurance industry, will permanently change the way we work. Customers expect us to provide fast, individual service at all times. Without these technologies, we won’t be able to meet these needs.

4. Which app do you use most often?


5. What digital project would you like to see accelerated?

Outside of the insurance industry, I would like to see digital teaching/education gain significant momentum in Germany.

6. How do you explain to children what you / your company does?

We are by our customers’ side throughout their lives, helping them to prevent damage before it occurs. We are there for them and support them when things go badly.

7. Who would you like to trade jobs with?

If I had to trade for one day, I would like to swap with Sayta Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. I find it interesting how this tech company works and operates. I’m sure you could learn a thing or two. But otherwise, I’d like to stay where I am. 😉

8. ITHM is celebrating its 5th birthday this year. What do you wish for ITHM?

My wish for ITHM is that it continues the excellent work of the past years, that the hub gains more great partners, and that the community collectively rethinks and leads the insurance industry forward.

About Kathrin Schwidder



Kathrin Schwidder is a classic career changer. The business engineer joined Generali Deutschland AG as an internal auditor after working in construction management, investment controlling and asset management. In 2011 she took over as team leader for qualitative Risk Management, in 2016 as Head of Risk Management and Validation, and since the beginning of 2021 she has been Head of Strategy and Lifetime Partner Transformation. She lives in Cologne with her husband, son and dog.