What if several thousand analysts helped you with your investment decisions?

That’s what Marius Siegert had in mind when, at the age of 16, he took part in his first stock market games and became fascinated by the financial markets. But what happens when you no longer gain your first experience with virtual money, but suddenly have to hang on to your hard-saved pocket money?

This is where his co-founders came in to automate the first quantitative trading systems he had already developed. With Marc Schmid joining the team, the team thus used its own biological neural networks, converted them into code and transformed them into artificial intelligence. Suddenly there were thousands of neurons making rational decisions on the financial markets without stopping. With the addition of their long-time companion Franz Liebermann, the three founded the fintech startup Sub Capitals in 2021 to bring precisely this technology into live use and now make it accessible to all private investors.

Why do you believe that people are ready to invest their money on the financial market based on algorithms and artificial intelligence, rather than personal consultation?

With every new innovation – especially in the case of artificial intelligence (AI) – it takes a certain time to become more and more socially accepted. AI has been helping us in our everyday lives for years and makes our lives easier in so many areas where we would not even expect it most of the time. The keyword here is “support” and that’s how we see AI developed for private investors. As we discovered in our own trading experiments, it is not possible with our human capacities to analyze the complexity and speed of the financial markets. The AI developed by Sub Capitals helps solve this exact problem and has the ability to process large complex amounts of data very quickly and makes in this way the best investment decision on the stock market. This includes not only making the right decisions, but also identifying many more risks early on and dealing with them preventively.

Sub Capital’s team

How do you envision partnering with insurers and large financial institutions?

In partnership with large established operators, the time to market is greatly reduced and we can pursue our mission: make AI accessible to the financial markets in a more targeted way. In a pure B2C model, we are currently building our infrastructure with Banking as a Service partners. This allows us to outsource key product components and build our product on a stable banking infrastructure and with partners that have proven themselves over many years. Insurers and their customers are the perfect match for clients who want to make provisions for the future and build up their own small fortune step by step using AI.

How do your algorithms democratize the investment market and create financial inclusion?

Global Wealth! What an appealing prospect, right? The financial markets represent an attractive possibility for it and are accessible with the newest offerers also with small entrance barriers. But in order to invest successfully and sustainably on the financial market in the long term, even into old age, one needs nowadays almost a basic education in funds, shares or ETFs. With our own AI and thus our own team of “analysts”, we give private investors their future back in their hands, so that they can now participate in the financial markets just like the established players. 

Sub Capitals is one of the 10 startups joining InsurTech Hub Munich FIN:SURE Innovation Sprint. Currently, they are still in development mode to reveal the potential of custom AI also for the insurance industry. In preparation for the launch, they have their first prototype with access to AI live, which can already be tested transparently with play money at www.neoland.ai.