Risk identification for your advisory success

Since 2016, riskine develops digital advisory solutions for the financial industry, based on the latest AI and graph technologies. Its solutions enable a holistic understanding of risks and needs and significantly reduce information asymmetries between customers and advisors. With currently more than 30 partners and 5,5 million sessions running over their platform every year, their daily challenge is to further digitalize the insurance advisory of the future.

riskine’s team

Why does current insurance advice not match customer needs?

We strongly believe that customers are interested in their wishes and dreams and not in the insurance products itself. They want to be understood and recognized as individuals. Therefore, we put the risks and dreams at the heart of all our advisory solutions. Not only to identify customers risks and understand their preferences, but also to support them in achieving their dreams. 

riskine’s advisory suite

How does riskine help people to make sound financial decisions in the future?

We create real customer centricity in financial advice by analyzing customers’ objective risks, subjective risk preferences and their wishes and dreams. Our algorithm “ALIS” intelligently connects the different perspectives with a unique lifecycle model.

Our solutions cover the full customer journey from awareness to specific advice. Firstly, our solutions help customers to understand their risks, while highlighting protection gaps, and to conduct financial planning. In addition, we provide integrated decision-making support for specific lifetime events, e.g. renting vs. buying property. Secondly, we offer specific solutions for all lines of business, e.g. life insurance, where our portfolio planner creates customized unit linked portfolios. 

By covering the entire customer journey and helping insurance companies to advise their customers according to their needs, we not only create transparency but also help people to really make sound financial decisions, based on their actual needs. 

What are you looking to achieve in the German market?

We want to become the primary partner for digital financial advisory in Germany especially when it comes to digital insurance advice. We are already working with big insurance companies in Germany but, as we strongly believe in our vision to really help everyone make sound financial decisions, we are only at the beginning and looking forward to the upcoming journey. 

riskine is one of the 10 startups joining InsurTech Hub Munich FIN:SURE Innovation Sprint. Want to know more about their offer? Check their website and arrange an intro call.