Onegini – the best CIAM platform in finance?

Onegini is one of the leading Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) vendors that allows enterprises to connect, manage, and engage with their customers while providing top-notch security and a great customer experience. Omnichannel, so it’s suitable for web and mobile. In an interview with us, Onegini’s founder Denis Joannides talks about his achievements in the past year, how Onegini benefited from the InsurTech Hub Munich and where they see themselves in five years.

1. What exactly does your start-up do and what is special about your business model?

Onegini enhances customer engagement with Onboarding as a Service (OaaS) and an omnichannel Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution. Customers want to be connected, informed, and self-reliant. Onegini transformed more than 100 financials into digital players by getting their customers online and engaged, resulting in a higher NPS. Onegini was founded 6 years ago and since then has served over 200 logos, 45 million users and secured over a billion transactions.

2. Why did you choose the InsurTech Europe powered by Plug and Play Accelerator Program of the InsurTech Hub Munich?

The program aligns very closely with Onegini’s mission: transforming financials such as insurance companies and banks into digital players. Germany is a logical next step in Onegini’s market expansion. The InsurTech Europe Accelerator Program powered by Plug and Play kindly supports Onegini in its goals.

3. What opportunities does Munich offer for start-ups?

It offers a platform where Onegini has easy access to international financials, located in the Munich region.

4. Where do you see yourself and your start-up in 5 years?

Onegini is already the best CIAM platform in finance with a customer base of 200 logos within different countries. In 5 years, we endeavor to have a global presence, as currently are the leading CIAM platform in Europe (in Finance).

5. What advice would you give to other founders?

Don’t forget to continuously validate your proposition and market-fit. Never stop building, measuring and learning!

6. What surprised you most when you founded your company?

The frankness. And the way enterprises with 5.000+ employees receive InsurTech companies like Onegini with open arms. Some have said they are the kinds of solutions they have been waiting for all these years.

7. What do you expect from German politics / the Munich region regarding start-up support?

To assist InsurTechs with regulations and support to further stimulate the collaboration with the corporations and start-ups & scale-ups.