About the Innovation Programme

According to a recent study by McKinsey, board members and managers in the insurance industry see insurance distribution as the biggest challenge facing their industry. Increasing regulation, a lack of young talent in intermediary sales, and technological and digital innovations are just a few of the reasons for this. Above all, customers’ expectations have evolved, and they now demand hybrid offers that blend traditional, personal advice with automated digital models.

To address these challenges, the InsurTech Hub Munich is hosting an innovation programme bringing together its community of leading insurers, tech firms, cross-industry players, and international startups to discuss three main distribution challenges: GenZ and underserved customer groups, hybrid journey, and embedded insurance.

Three Focus Areas

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What’s the future of embedded insurance? 

Embedded insurance is a growing trend in the insurance industry that has the potential to revolutionize the way insurance products are distributed and consumed. To gain more insights about this trend, we interviewed Yuri Poletto, Founder and Director of the Open and Embedded Insurance Observatory.

Participating startups

What our alumni say about us

“The ITHM Innovation Programme helped us launch in Germany by opening up a lot of commercial opportunities for us with potential insurance partners and by teaching us the ins and outs of the German insurance market much better than we would have been able to by ourselves”.

Martin Fagioli, Co-Founder

“The ITHM Innovation Programme was such an incredible experience. As we looked to expand into Europe, not only did we get in front of some of the largest players in the space but the ITHM team, in general, is incredible at giving you opportunities to learn, grow and develop.”

Marykate Baffa, Account Executive