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A 1-month innovation sprint at the intersection of finance and insurance

Due to the recent volatility of global markets, there is an ever-increasing need for long-term financial stability. The elevated level of consumer awareness has been driving demands for products and services offering safe and transparent solutions. This growing trend has sparked new momentum for products like life insurance, and has driven new entrants to provide simple and convenient personal finance solutions.

Insurers, traditionally trusted providers of security, are now increasingly asking themselves: “What role can we play in providing solutions for consumers looking to secure their financial future?” – be it traditional insurance products like life insurance or venturing out to new fields like building own financial home solutions.

We believe that insurers will have a central role in offering a financial home platform for customers. To explore how we gathered our ecosystem of insurances, tech leaders, financial players and innovative startups to develop first solutions in the FIN:SURE sprint.



In dedicated challenge teams, we want to collaborate on exploring and redefining the customer journey along specific challenges

Challenge teams are supported by our strategic partners NTT Data, SAP Fioneer, Microsoft and Oliver Wyman


1 month – 2 Prototypes – 3 Challenge Teams – 11 Startups

Participating Startups


Financial Home: Versicherer können mit Rundum-Betreuung wachsen

Viele Verbraucher wünschen sich ein sogenanntes „Financial Home“ – eine zentrale Plattform, über die sie alle persönlichen Geldangelegenheiten gebündelt regeln. Wie eine solche Plattform konkret aussehen könnte, erarbeitete der InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) gemeinsam mit seinem Partnernetzwerk aus Versicherungen, Start-ups, IT-Dienstleistern sowie der Strategieberatung Oliver Wyman, im Rahmen des mehrwöchigen Innovationsprogrammes FIN:SURE.

Risk identification for your advisory success

Since 2016, riskine develops digital advisory solutions for the financial industry, based on the latest AI and graph technologies. Its solutions enable a holistic understanding of risks and needs and significantly reduce information asymmetries between customers and advisors.