Finding the best digital health solutions for the ‘new normal’

Please welcome the 40 participants of the upcoming H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme, hosted by InsurTech Hub Munich and dmac / Digital Health Hub Nuremberg / Erlangen

It is the sixth startup programme in InsurTech Hub Munich’s (ITHM) history, yet still a first in many regards: H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme, kicking off in September 2020, is the first batch focusing on a single vertical. And for the first time two German innovation hubs – ITHM and dmac / Digital Health Hub Nuremberg / Erlangen – are joining forces. Throughout the planning and scouting phase, the hubs’ teams as well as their corporate partners screened and talked to more than 2000 founders from all over the world. Now 40 startups have been selected to participate in H+ (list see below).

Corine Ackermann

The startups hail from 17 different countries, with over 50 percent based outside of Germany. “Internationality and diversity are essential to our Innovation Programmes”, explains ITHM’s Startup Relations Lead Corine Ackermann, “we are very proud to have a very strong group of female founders joining us”. The category spread reveals the broadness, essentially the cross-industry character, of the topic health: prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation apply to many startups, as do data analytics, IoT and AI. “Telehealth, mental health or elderly care address very timely challenges”, accentuates Ackermann, “but, as quaint as this may sound, remedies in dental health might also be a really disruptive idea in times when people are hesitant to visit a dentist’s office.”

Catering to modified needs and desires

Christian Gnam

“Just as we were confirming that digital health would be our first focus vertical to build a programme upon, the Digital Healthcare Act (Digitales Versorgungsgesetz) was about to be passed by the German parliament. That was a key driver for our decision”, recounts Christian Gnam, ITHM’s Acting Managing Director. “Nobody could have foreseen what today’s major challenges would look like: the pandemic has massively accelerated the demand for digital and future-proof concepts both in the health and the insurance industry.” Marco Wendel, CEO of dmac, adds: ”though H+ is not designed to specifically tackle COVID 19-related issues, many of the solutions do address the ‘new normal’ we’re about to live in. The hand-picked entrepreneurs cater to the modified needs and desires of patients, customers and care providers”.

Marco Wendel, CEO of dmac
Marco Wendel

The H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme officially kicks off on September 16 and will combine dmac’s expertise and network in the healthcare sector on top of ITHM’s proven track-record in de-risking startups and enabling POCs within the insurance industry. The two hubs’ teams act as facilitators in One-on-Ones, introducing the startups to industry representatives, investors, mentors and field experts. Business Development Weeks, a continuous curriculum with industry knowledge and entrepreneurship frameworks or specialized workshops like a “Pitch Clinic” are designed to add as much value as possible. In two Review Events, taking place at the end of September and October respectively, the field of participants will be focused down, culminating in putting the spotlight on the most promising companies for investor meetings and Demo Day in November. Due to the current situation, the H+ Programme will be fully accessible remotely.

Text: Markus Walter

These are the 40 startups participating in 2020 H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme (in alphabetical order):

Abi Global Health
Micro-consultations with trusted doctors via your favourite chat app.
Dublin, Ireland

Building a digital health-behavior change coach, starting with obesity.
Hamburg, Germany

Providing high quality medical data to AI researchers and developers. GDPR compliant. Securely.
Munich, Germany

The first AI app that can identify varicose veins by photo.
Moscow, Russia

Amygdala Health
A digital health program that helps you build healthy habits.
Sarajevo, Bosnia

The first app-based rehabilitation training at a professional level.
Munich, Germany

New generation rehabilita- tion using virtual reality-based exercises through a gaming approach.
Mannheim, Germany

Custom Surgical UG
We democratize access to healthcare through teleophthalmological solutions.
Munich, Germany

We revolutionize and disrupt rehabilitation through a combination of hardware and software.
Aachen, Germany

D-Heart srl
The first smartphone-based hospital grade ECG usable by anyone.
Genova, Italy

Derma Detect
AI-based tech for remote diagnosis and manage- ment of dermatological condition.
Tel Aviv, Israel

Prevent 90% of dental diseases by patient-empowerment & tele-monitoring.
Munich, Germany

FeelTect Limited
Delivers connected-health technology for wound care.
Gailimh, Ireland

Web platform application utilizing computer vision to correct body posture
Prague, Czech Republic

A voice assistant and smart home platform for people with dementia.
London, UK

The all-in-one solution for parents of children with asthma.
Basel, Switzerland

Saas company curating health data for insights on disease trends and consumer health.
Lagos, Nigeria

Improving the day-to-day quality of life for Hashimoto patients.
London, UK

Allowing healthcare providers to utilize the
full power of smart health trackers in patient care.
Munich, Germany

We develop a sensor system for non-invasive bladder measurement and monitoring.
Bayreuth, Germany

Online psychological counseling platform, delivering services to clients by quali- fied psychologists.
Graz, Austria

Giving peace of mind to caregivers and at the same time keeping the independence of the alone living senior.
Stuttgart, Germany

Kamu Health Ltd
Predictive respiratory self-management solution to help patients lead a predictable and secure life.
Helsinki, Finland

Innovative application platform intended to be used for stress monitoring.
Berlin, Germany

AI-powered, patient driven digital therapeutic solution for treatment of mental health conditions.
Berlin, Germany

Health tech company helping people who suffer from bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia.
Cologne, Germany

Intelligent and innovative preventative stress coaching system targeting mental health challenges.
Bad Blankenburg, Germany

A user-centric, state of the art know-how wearable solution to tackle problems in elderly care.
Bad Blankenburg, Germany

Nori Health
The AI chatbot counsellor for chronic disease management to empower and improve patient lives.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pact Care
Patient access and care collaboration solutions that reduce waiting time.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Online effective, engaging and timely physical rehabilitation platform available the everyone.
Berlin, Germany

Healthcare operating system for insurance to deliver more efficient and personalized health plans.
Hong Kong, SAR China
Digital health platform detecting and preventing non- communicable diseases.
Zurich, Switzerland

First cloud-based SaaS solution utilizing virtual patients for data-driven clinical trials.
Munich, Germany

Creating a new digital health marker for mental fitness and early detection of cognitive diseases.
Lisbon, Portugal

Generating personalized, digital prevention programs using the most relevant human biomarkers.
Munich, Germany

Whatsin my meds
The first app to help people better understand and find medication that suits them.
Berlin, Germany

Xpanse AI
Advanced analytics platform delivering predictive analytics solutions to organisations.
Dublin, Ireland

XUND Solutions GmbH
AI-powered health assistant designed to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare.
Vienna, Austria

AI-based health assistant and monitoring solution to make remote care at home smart and easy.
Karlsruhe, Germany