Check out our new H+ website

The digital home of upcoming H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme, co-hosted by ITHM and dmac – Medical Valley Digital Health Application Center, is at your service

It’s a groundbreaking premiere that two German digital innovation hubs are joining forces to advance healthcare and improve people’s lives: InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) and Erlangen/Nürnberg’s dmac – Medical Valley Digital Health Application Center will host the H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme during the second half of 2020. To let anyone interested in the programme know what it is about, what’s news and which other partners are participating, a new website is live now.

Original designs

“When working in a joint project, it is a challenge to come with a design that respects the corporate identity of both partners”, explains ITHM Director Media & Communications Markus Walter. “So we decided on an original design which still is based on the typefaces and corporate colors of both hubs”. The illustrations, as Walter points out, were chosen due to the fact that H+ is a brand new accelerator and therefore there was no existing photography to draw upon. “Using stock imagery would have been an option, but – as on our ITHM website – we rather show real people, real situations from our network. And the illustrations are more than just a placeholder: We believe that the playful, yet clean design really sets apart our new site.”

Visit the H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme website

Text: Markus Walter