Alumni for life

Pitch Day, Business Development Week and beyond: All participants of InsurTech Hub Munich’s Innovation Programme take advantage of a package of perks and benefits.

Three weeks into the InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) Innovation Programme the participants have already delivered a first round of pitches on the grand stage and currently are engaged in the first of two Business Development Weeks. Convoyed by the ITHM team, up to 50 in-depth conversations between founders and experts from the twenty affiliated companies are taking place per day. Travel restrictions due to the corona virus have required some last-minute changes to the planned events, but live streaming during Pitch Day and video conferencing for the biz dev sessions prove successful.

Though talks about possible POCs (Proof of Concept) have only started, every single one participant of the programme already is a winner: Startup Relations Lead Corine Ackermann presented the package of Perks & Benefits all alumni of the present and prior Innovation Programmes can take advantage of. The ITHM Alumni Network provides continued business development opportunities and open doors at the corporate partners. Entrepreneurs are invited to networking events, get access to speaking slots at conferences and might use ITHM’s facilities to host their own events, meetups or meetings. Experts from the network will share their knowledge in ‘pitch clinic’ sessions or academy workshops and alumni might take advantage of discounted services in fields like legal, or financial consulting and design support.

Text: Markus Walter