A community of 10K

InsurTech Hub Munich reaches 10,000 followers on LinkedIn. “It’s more than just numbers, it’s a community”, comments Director Media & Communications Markus Walter.

About two years ago InsurTech Hub Munich (ITHM) started to build up a LinkedIn community that really deserves this name. Coming from a low four-digit number of followers, it reached 10,000 people internationally by the end of April 2021. Through the social media platform, ITHM shares news and success stories from its ecosystem, its Munich homebase as well as the global insurtech sphere daily. “We are a network of more than 20 cross-industry corporate partners, 200+ startup alumni, a broad range of investors, mentors and representatives of the academic world – you can imagine that there’s always news worth sharing”, explains Markus Walter, Director Media & Communications at ITHM.

“Our growth strategy for social media is purely organic, relying on strong contents and interactions”. Follower count, Walter argues, is less about numbers but about the community aspect. “During the Corona crisis the need for a virtual place to gather and exchange informations at has grown, even more so as we are a decidedly international network.”

Text: Markus Walter