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Join us as we work on defining how to engage the NXT:Customer and design the next frontier of insurance products

Who is the NXT:Customer and what do they demand from insurance experiences? How can insurers win them over and what role do highly personalized products and services play? How do they want to be interacted with – having frequent touchpoints or rather completely seamless journeys with insurers stepping into the background? How important are global challenges like sustainability to them and how far do they need to be reflected in (insurance) products?

In a struggle for margins and innovative new entrants claiming market share – deeply understanding, reaching and serving the NXT:Customer is key for insurers to sustain business growth. In an effort to become the trusted partner to the NXT:Customer, insurers need to truly understand needs, become radically customer-centric and transform products, processes, and people to meet their demands.

Join us as we activate the entire InsurTech Hub Community to support insurers winning the race for the NXT:Customer – in a three-month Innovation programme and beyond!

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NXT:Customer Focus Areas

Together with the ITHM community, we will dive deep into the world of the NXT:Customer and the megatrends they are surrounded by. With deep customer understanding and a map of your strategic use cases, we will identify selected international startups eager to work with insurers in designing the next generation of insurance products and enabling customer-centric operations along product, processes and people.

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Benefits for corporates

Dr. Stefan Lohmöller, COO Münchener Verein Insurance Group

Benefits for startups

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